Charles the 1st of Albret – French Knight 1415 (FR1)

Charles the 1st of Albret

Was the co commander of the French of army at Agincourt and was killed on the day of battle the 25th October by English bowmen who were lead by Henry the 5th.  Charles was also the constable of France.

Battle of Agincourt

Agincourt was a notable victory for the English during the Hundred Years Wars.

The battle happened on   Friday, 25 October 1415 (Saint Crispin’s Day) in northern France. The English beat the French who had superior numbers of soldiers. The English victory financially disabled France and a period if peace ensued. 

The French army in the absence of the French King was led by Constable Charles d’Albret and other French noblemen from the Armagnac party.

The importance feature of the battle was the use of the longbow by English and Welsh archers in massive quantities. Actually most of the English army was made up of Archers.